Give your children 



An Independence Device for Kids

A cellular and wifi-enabled smart watch designed for children. Allows children to be in constant connection with caregivers without the distractions of a smartphone.


Voice calls, voice-to-text dictation message, customizable quick messages and emojis provide flexible communication methods for any situation and age. Programable reminders help your child remember key tasks and events to build independence.

Voco's companion app allows caregivers to customize contacts, quick messages, watch display and view the GPS location of each synced watch. Voco's companion app features ability to subscribe to pay-as-you-go SIM data for each paired watch. SIM data subscription is a no-hassle, automatic reload to ensure your child never runs out of data and you keep monthly costs low. 

Additional accessories including bands, screen protector and chargers available for separate purchase.  


Grow your child's independence and your peace of mind

Each Voco cellular watch is designed as a durable tool to help children become independent and develop healthy habits with technology. The customizable companion app helps parents simplify coordination of a child's schedule logistics and keep track of their kids location.

  • Voco cellular watch

  • Watch band (color of choice)

  •  Watch charger

  • Quick start guide

  • Kids and technology expert workbook


Customize quick messages, watch display, contacts and their availability time


In coming and outgoing voice calls enable easy two way communication


Customizable quick messages and voice-to-text dictation


Cellular and wifi for round the clock connection and saving on data


Waterproof up to 30 meters and durable enough for active kids


Set one time and repeating reminders that can be snoozed or marked done on Voco


Setup one or multiple Vocos from the companion app


View the location of each Voco in the companion app. Set alert areas to get notification when your child arrives there

What's in the box?


Allow your child to communicate with their immediate caregivers using an age-appropriate but not juvenile-looking device. Set reminders to help your child keep track of their schedule and important activities. 



Help our next generation build a healthy relationship with technology without the distractions of social media and unlimited internet access. Choosing Voco helps kids span the gap between no-phone and a smartphone by creating healthy tech habits early. 


Give your kids a durable device that lets them be independent while enabling you to contact them when you need to. Voco's voice call and voice-to-text dictation provide key features of a cellular device so you can elongate the time until your child needs a smartphone.


A sophisticated design means that Voco is appropriate for children of all ages. Customizable contacts allow the device's functionality to progress as a child grows into new stages of technical maturity.

Expert's Guide

Child psychology and technology experts advocate to wait until eight grade to give children a smartphone, but that's difficult in today's tech-dependent society. Help our children grow into healthy relationships with technology using an expert-recommended phased approach.

Talk First

Primary Caregivers

Add Friends


Talk with kids about healthy tech habits. Customize the Voco parent-child agreement to what "healthy" means to your family. Each Voco is delivered with kids and technology expert workbook to guide you through this new transition.

Set parents and other primary caregivers as contacts using the Voco companion app that can be securely downloaded to multiple phones. Turn on and off contacts depending on days and times so your child knows exactly who to when.

When your child has mastered using Voco to communicate with primary caregivers, add in groups of friends. Experts suggest coordinating with other parents to set collective boundaries for times of communication.

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